The Problem

The lack of accountability

Over the past 40 years the scientific community has arrived at a clearer and clearer consensus: we are inflicting devastating damage on the natural environment and our actions are causing a man-made destabilization of our climate. Scientists are telling us we need laws that change our behaviour before our behaviour irreversibly changes our planet but the existing institutions haven’t been able to bring accountability to the international system. The question we all ask ourselves is: Why?

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The Solution

Provide accountability

In order to bring accountability to the current system, institutional reform is required. We need to integrate the decentralized environmental governance regime and provide an enforcement mechanism that holds both States and non-state actors to account.

We need accountability – We need the International Court for the Environment.

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Get Involved

We need your support, encouragement and advice on how best to pursue our goal of creating the International Court for the Environment. To that end we have a choice of ways you can support our initiative.

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